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I have not updated my journal part of my site in a long time. Basically I have been way to busy to even stop and do any updates. Today has been a fantastsic day for me because I got to talk to Cumface AND Funbuns!!

Lots of my readers have followed the tales of Cumface over the years and this is going to be no exception. He is still hanging out in adult book stores and sucking strangers off in his free time. I love hearing him getting his face fucked while I laugh at him struggling for another gulp of air. He does a lot of whining and crying and is a real bitch!! Today five guys stole his pants and made him go out in to the back alley of the store. They all took turns fucking his face while I laughed my ass off. After that he called me when he got to his meeting at the hilton hotel. He has a butt plug up his ass and is covered in cum and I WONT LET HIM CLEAN UP!! Nope he is not worthy of getting all spiffed up for a meeting!! He needs to get his priorities straight and remember that I RULE HIS WORLD!! all your money should be going to me Cumface!!! I am the one you work for!! HAHAHAHAHAHA TRICK OR TREAT DUMP SOME CUM IN MY MOUTH….. THATS WHAT I HAD HIM YELLING IN HIS FAGGOT COCK SUCKER BOOTH!! LOLOL

FUNBUNS~ Is on parole and out of jail but still being visited by his very lovely parole officer. Funbuns dresses up like a bitch and likes to ride his dildo and get attacked with it while I listen to him turn into a total bend over bitch! Love his outfits just as much as he loves his womans bathing suits and high heeled shoes!

Thank you to *R* for all the presents you bought me for Halloween!! You know how much I love getting goodies!! Feel like shopping for your beautiful Mistress? Head over to my wish list and pick me out a goody!! Dont feeel like shopping? Send me a instant gift card via email!! jackiecontrolsu@yahoo.com I love shopping and seeing how much you boys love me!! Sooo now is a great time to get on your cell phone/office phone/ipad/webcam and CALL ME FOR A FANTASTIC SESSION!!

I am Mistress Jackie.. Professional Domme offering distance training via the Niteflirt Platform.
I have 15 years real time experience and my feedback on my calls shows for itself. I am naturally aggressive and Dominant and do not use any fake scripts. I am not sitting in a call center waiting for your call. When you call me you are calling my private residence where I have trained so many slaves in so many different fetishes.
I enjoy all sorts of different calls and have various recordings available 24/7 if I am not available to take your call. I am not a dating service or looking to meet up with anyone.

Dont feel like shopping but want to treat me? Send me a Egift card right to my email!! Jackiecontrolsu@yahoo.com

I have a wishlist through Amazon that has what I want the most.. presents for me!
Jackie's Wishlist
Do not waste my time with long winded emails about how bad you want to meet me and what your instant messenger ID is.. simply put I DO NOT care.

If you want training, contact me through my extension on: 1-800-TO-FLIRT 0538580.
Call Jackie Now!
I am here because I enjoy it and I love the control I can take over men. I have many clients who just like to call and chit chat or who are curious about the lifestyle.
I welcome those kind of calls as well as beginners who need to learn the ropes on how to please their Mistress.

To tease you a bit, I’ve posted free photos below…

wet kiss you want these tits don't you?! imagine you under this ass!
a day at the ocean Worship this ass! high beams are on!

If you want more of me including access to my HOT videos, why not purchase a membership?
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 I am available for phone sessions and instant messenger training. 

I take my calls via the Niteflirt platform.

 Call Jackie now

My knowledge is drawn from my real time experiences and I am very descriptive in my sessions.  Please tell me what kind of session you would like when you call.  No need to be embarrassed or feel out of place with me.  I will only need a few details before I have you caught in my web. 

Here are some things I enjoy but not limited to  Cock Control,
MILF calls,   Sexy neighbor Roleplays, Orgasm Denial, Corporal Punishment, Strapon training. Sex Toy instruction, Financial Domination,  CBT, Forced cocksucking, Gloryhole training, Cuckhold husband training, Sissification, Small dick humiliation, Verbal and Mental abuse, Body worship, Titty worship, Ass worship, Medical fantasies, kinky roleplays, Taboo fantasies, Forced panty sniffing, Wimpy boy panty training, Blackmail, wallet raping, footworship and making my sexy videos!

So what are you waiting for? Your search is over.

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I know I have been hard to catch on the phone. All I can say is keep trying. NF is still very buggy and disconnects calls. I have had a few clients get connected to other girls while trying to reach me. I appreciate all of you who realize it is NOT my fault if you do not get connected. I had a real douche bag bitch get his ass in the air because he got disconnected. Instead of sending me a NICE email he threatens me with bad feedback if I do not send him free minutes LMFAO WOW!! If you are so hard up that a fucking $1.99 is going to break you, then you need to find a new hobby asshole. You dont threaten me EVER. Just to prove to the douche bag I am fantastic, I sent the asshole five free minutes. He continues to drone on and actually tried to get rude with me…. ya that is really going to change things for you douche nozzle!! I have way better clients and much better things to do then listen to you whine and bitch and moan.

Cumface calls in small spurts. He has connection problems and now is complaining about his wallet. Guess what? I dont give a fuck about your credit problems. You need to cut back on things to have the available funds to serve me. It is not my problem you waste money on overpriced coffee and lunches. Start brown bagging it you idiot!! hahahaha

Redboy………THANK YOU for the four hour marathon call. It was by far the best session I have had in many moons. You are creative and fun and I appreciate someone who is smart and can put a conversation together 🙂 thank you for the tribute and the wonderful gift card, much appreciated!!

Lots of you have been back in contact with your favorite Mistress…. I am glad to have you all back and I continue to make you all squirm under my iron fist with the velvet glove. Thank you to those who sent me Christmas gifts. I really appreciate the fact you took time to think of me on this holiday.

I have had a LOT of you joining my members site. I hope you all are enjoying ALL my hot movies and my hot nasty photos!! Loved my most recent adventure with Pigsnout LOL I have promised NOT to reveal his identity or our sessions…just remember I can warp your mind and fullfill ALL your fantasies like NO ONE can!! Looking forward to speaking with you all soon.

WOW the year is flying away!! At least now it is going to get nice and cool 🙂 I have been super busy on the phones. LOTS of you have called and commented you LOVE READING ABOUT CUMFACE!!!!!!!!!! MANY OF YOU WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE HIM!! No problem!!! Cumface has been eating out asses, getting attacked by his dildo and butt plug, getting his face fucked, spending LOTS of time in the nasty faggot booths downtown!!! HAHAHA always soooo much fun!! Cumface got his pants stolen at one of those faggot booths….the guy finally gave them back and then demanded Cumface to go buy him a donut…. I heard *Get me a donut bitch* in the background and two men laughing hard!! Cumface said he was soooo embarressed and that he will never ever stray again!! Cumface will never catch a break from me and he knows he is the worlds biggest sissy faggot!!! Nope the rubber bands will never be removed!! hahaha I am glad your ass is so sore!!

Drunknstupid is also right up there with Cumface. Drunknstupid owns his own business so he does not have to work. He spends many hours every week calling my forced intox line and we have a BALL!!!! He sings, dances on cam and puts on a show for me every single time!! I never laughed so hard in my life!!!

Keep the entertaining calls coming boys…..they make my day!! Remember when you call me I am NOT a Vanilla girl, I am NOT here to talk about your ugly fucking cock and I could give a shit what the fuck YOU want!! I am a Domme, if you are fucking confused about what that means (many new stupid cunts think Niteflirt is a dating service) then get the fuck off my line and go call some 99 cent phone girl so you can talk about your ugly face and cock! I am here for Domination/Subs and service orientated men ONLY!!!!! I will be working all day tommorro Sept 12 and Monday Sept 13th!! catch ya later fuckers!!

I answered the phone last month and was DELIGHTED to hear my long lost Cumface on the other end of the phone!!! Many of you used to read the adventures of Cumface….he is a idiot cocksucker that lives in Suburbia Hell in NY LOL He drives everyday to Manhatten and LOVES when I force him to do DISGUSTING things. Cumface has been calling me for over a year. Cumface dissapeared for about six months but is BACK. If you are as fun as Cumface you will also get blogged about!! The more entertaining you are, the more attention you get.

Cumface takes abuse like I have never seen before in my life. Last month he called me from his Hoiety Toiety Coffee shop. I could hear people and stupid elevator music in the background. It was a very warm morning so I had Cumface go in the mens room for a swim LOLOLOL. Cumface likes to do laps for me in the toilet and I had him blowing bubbles LMAO. At the end I had him flush his head down the toilet. He is always crying and whining and bitching and moaning but I dont give a fuck. I just let Cumface off the phone. He was at the coffee shop again and had his *Fag Bag* in his car. I LOVE his Fag Bag…it has really nasty things inside that I use to torture him with. After we went swimming, a yellow stained Cumface came out of the bathroom and headed for his car. He was crying and whining like a bitch the entire time. I had this ass bandit get in his car and then we commenced with some CBT while he wore a pair of ancient crusty panties over his ugly face.

Next we moved on to the big plastic dildo he keeps in his fag bag….oh how fun it was to listen to him piss and moan and beg for me to let him drive to work. After I heard knocking on his car window I told him to get his ass down to Manhatten and find one of those faggot bookstores with the booths and we would party like we used to do!!!! Yep Down on the cumstained floor sucking cock after cock and loving it all!!! So glad your back Cumface!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

I am glad to see so many of you bought my picture packets. I love showing you how great I look in my sexy outfits!!! Thanks to all of you who have just found my hot sexy videos and are loving them!!! Thanks to Mark/Berry/Sean and Keith for the great presents from my wishlist..you guys ROCK!!

I cannot believe how hot it is!!! I am so glad to be able to sit in the A/C all day. I have had a busy day today and a lot of fun. I am still amazed that their are assholes in the world who think I am going to work for free. What part of this equation do you not understand?? haha! I had sooo much fun playing pay to view games with Paul this morning!! It was the best time I have had in a long time!! you rock!! Thanks to all of you who have sent me wonderful gifts for my birthday. I have been spoiled and very well taken care of! I have been asked about forced intox. Yes do it and I do it VERY well!! I have the best time doing forced intox!!

I will be working through the weekend and expect those of you who have reports for me to get them IN!!! Do not be a slack ass. I know how much you all worship me and it only gets BETTER 🙂
For those of you who have recently gotten assignments from me, they are due tommorro!! Had fun laughing and bashing the shit out of Trevor all day long lol I got a message from one of you creeps that you were *mad* because you can never catch me for a session…. first come,
first served…I wait for NO ONE… money talks and bullshit walks!! Dont bother me on messanger hoping for a freebie because it wont happen asshat!! Loved the three girl call we did the other day with tightass!! I never knew anyone could ram it up their hole like this freak does!! You totally win the ass banging award for July!! It is nice to see many of you back on Niteflirt. I know the system got all screwed up but they are trying to piece it back so it works better!! I will be available for the rest of the week so get your ass in gear and lets have some fun!! Hats off to Lars the fat fuck… hows the diet going piggy?? hahaha
For those of you who are new to me, I have a ton of sexy movies for sale that you can buy and watch over and over and over again. I know many of you spray your loser load as soon as you hear my sexy ass voice! The movies will let you see my hot body in action!! Members pass is always the better deal and it NEVER expires!!

First and foremost THANK YOU TO CHRISSY FOR MY WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!! You are fantastic!! I have been having sooo much fun playing with my new Wii!!! It was great to catch up with you today and I now have your blackmail information LOL Yes… very dangerous but sooo exciting!!

My schedule for the weekend…. I will be working Saturday from about 2pm till I get tired of it lol I never work real late but you can probably catch me on later then usual tommorro night!! Sunday I will be signing on early as Sundays are always a great day for me to catch up with you guys who have to wait till the weekend to do a session. If you need a specific time you can message me on Yahoo or send me a email.

I love my new boots and dresses!! THANK YOU Jim!!! great taste you have!! catch you all this weekend!

New month and a new time to serve your beautiful Mistress Jackie!! Lots of you are just finding me for the very first time and I love getting all the fan mail about how fucking hot my videos are!! Keep the emails and calls coming!!! Hope you all are having a great weekend and be sure and call me and let me know about all the crazy things you got yourself into!!

I used to update my blog on a weekly basis but lately I have been distracted by my swimming pool! I am still taking calls on Niteflirt and it seems to be working a bit better then it was. I know many of you have written to me complaining you cannot get connected and all I have to say is NF never will be the same again. Those of you who want me for text chat only know how to get a hold of me. I have met a fantastic bend over bitch who lives close to me who has been doing the best sessions I have ever done online!!! we are exploring all sorts of different things as he confesses and turns more and more into my butt bandit LOL Anyways just a quick shout that I am here, I am still taking calls and the fastest way to get a hold of me is to CALL ME. I DO NOT sit in front of the computer all day and if you send me a email it might not get answered till the next day. Never email me asking if it is ok to call. If my NF status says TAKING CALLS then guess what?? no need to ask!! Ok I am going back out to the pool and yes I have the phone! 🙂

Hi losers. I am now able to get into Niteflirt. It is still really screwed up and in Beta version. Lots of guys called this weekend and told me they had a hard time getting in to their account ect. I will be available everyday this week. If you need a special time let me know!!

CB~ Thank you for the beautiful Halloween package 🙂 I love all the goodies from Victoria Secrets and Bath and Body works! All the Godiva chocolate is wonderful!!

Defianat~ Loser you learned real fast that I dont play games LOL Thanks for letting me rip you off by putting you on mute while shopping away with your money!! Had a great time!!

Now that the summer is over I have noticed a huge return of clients that I have not heard from in months. It is great to see you all back in action with your favorite Dom! I was shocked to answer the phone two days ago and hear that Tormented Fool was on the other end. I have not talked to the Fool in months! Fool is one of my favorite callers WHEN he follows my instrucions 🙂 Fool says he has been trying to resist me, prosthetic has tried to stay away for months but now he is BACK.

I can already tell how weak he has become. You see my voice is very hypnotic and puts him right into a trance and I can hear him slipping away from his boring life and his boring wife. Fool left dirty dishes in the sink today so he could leave early to call me LMAO Good job Fool!! Keep up the great work!! I had fool go buy Kryptonite I mean Nylons from Walmart today. He took me into the store with him and was reading off different brands. He settled on a three pack of *Off black* as promised I did not make him put them on. I am glad you are back fool, you truly make it fun to sign on for work.

Dumbass4Jackie~ Kept me up till 2 am on the phone and I laughed the entire time! we played all kinds of fun bathtub games (he was at a hotel) so we also played *Bananas down the hallway* LMAO I will never ever forget last night EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks Dumbass for the fun and the new boots!!!!!!!

In the next few weeks Niteflirt will be doing a major technical update. During the update I might be hard to find in the list of flirts. Please bookmark me or put me in your favorites so you have no problem getting to me. It will be business as usual 🙂 I am not going any place and will still be here for you 🙂
Here are ways to stay in touch with me….

My Niteflirt Address
www.niteflirt.com/Miss Jackie

My Phone Number
1-800-TO-FLIRT, extension 0730486

And of course my website that you have already found! well boys thats it for now….got a nice dinner date coming so gotta run!

I am loving all the hot spring weather and summer will be here before you know it! I have been getting lots of really fun summer packages. For the guys who hate shopping I love a amazon gift card just as much~!!! send any and all gift cards to jackiecontrolsu@yahoo.com I always appreciate treats and presents and will send you a goody in return 🙂 I was down in Miami last weekend and had a wonderful time. One of my pigeons sent me and another Mistress down to a very swanky club to be pampered. The Spa you picked for us was out of this world!!!! Excellent choice and thanks for the Prada bags that where waiting for me in my room. I am laying by the pool today. The sun is hot and the Margaritas are cool. I am taking calls so if you feel like some nasty fun give me a call.

If you are new to Niteflirt and do not have an account sign up by clicking my call button and TALK TO ME FOR FREE TO TRY ME OUT. Safe and private, no unknown dispatcher taking your personal details and credit card. You control everything on Niteflirt EXCEPT ME!! hahahaha

Hi idiots, My work schedule has kept me hopping!! I am doing my Memorial Day write up early so I dont miss it 🙂 I want to send my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has served in the military! This is the kick off to the summer and many of you tell me you are not looking forward to it. I am sure it must suck to be in Suburbia hell with all the other unhappy saps, doing the same thing day in and day out.

I got to talk to Big Tony last week. It has been a long time since Big Tony has come around and he is truly a delight to talk to on the phone. Big Tonys girlfriend likes to fuck real men as there is nothing really Big about Tony LOL. Big Tony told me what he has been doing and the best part was when one of his girlfriends guys heard about the chasitity device he was wearing and said *hey let me see your jail* LMAO hope to talk to you again real soon Big Tony… you rock!!

I had the shock of my life when a HOT guy showed up on cam! The guy looked just like Derek Jeter and was just amazing to talk to. I love a man who can hold a conversation, and entertain me and make me laugh. He is from Canada and Im thinking I may need to move up there as it seems that is where all the hot guys are. Mr. Airplane as I call him has a small pricklet and can only fuck in the missionary position (B O R I N G) that must really suck to be you!! had a great time, looking forward to thrashing you again.

Funbuns called and was being a mouthy fuck. He is still on a special program where he goes to jail on the weekends. He takes pleasure in seeing the all female staff at the jail and knows if he is bad and resists that he will be told to SPREAD EM BITCH. Fun Buns always has something wild going on and I look forward to hearing about his latest ass fucking.

Blue7~ Thank you for getting wasted last night and doing that five hour call. I loved watching you make a total and complete ass out of yourself while you were on vacation. How does your head feel today? LOL I enjoyed our online shopping extravaganza!! You know I love Versace!!! thanks for all the prezzies, you made my month 🙂

I am available this entire week. I am now taking appointments for evening sessions. Talk to you fuckers later!

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