I answered the phone last month and was DELIGHTED to hear my long lost Cumface on the other end of the phone!!! Many of you used to read the adventures of Cumface….he is a idiot cocksucker that lives in Suburbia Hell in NY LOL He drives everyday to Manhatten and LOVES when I force him to do DISGUSTING things. Cumface has been calling me for over a year. Cumface dissapeared for about six months but is BACK. If you are as fun as Cumface you will also get blogged about!! The more entertaining you are, the more attention you get.

Cumface takes abuse like I have never seen before in my life. Last month he called me from his Hoiety Toiety Coffee shop. I could hear people and stupid elevator music in the background. It was a very warm morning so I had Cumface go in the mens room for a swim LOLOLOL. Cumface likes to do laps for me in the toilet and I had him blowing bubbles LMAO. At the end I had him flush his head down the toilet. He is always crying and whining and bitching and moaning but I dont give a fuck. I just let Cumface off the phone. He was at the coffee shop again and had his *Fag Bag* in his car. I LOVE his Fag Bag…it has really nasty things inside that I use to torture him with. After we went swimming, a yellow stained Cumface came out of the bathroom and headed for his car. He was crying and whining like a bitch the entire time. I had this ass bandit get in his car and then we commenced with some CBT while he wore a pair of ancient crusty panties over his ugly face.

Next we moved on to the big plastic dildo he keeps in his fag bag….oh how fun it was to listen to him piss and moan and beg for me to let him drive to work. After I heard knocking on his car window I told him to get his ass down to Manhatten and find one of those faggot bookstores with the booths and we would party like we used to do!!!! Yep Down on the cumstained floor sucking cock after cock and loving it all!!! So glad your back Cumface!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

I am glad to see so many of you bought my picture packets. I love showing you how great I look in my sexy outfits!!! Thanks to all of you who have just found my hot sexy videos and are loving them!!! Thanks to Mark/Berry/Sean and Keith for the great presents from my wishlist..you guys ROCK!!