Lots of you have been back in contact with your favorite Mistress…. I am glad to have you all back and I continue to make you all squirm under my iron fist with the velvet glove. Thank you to those who sent me Christmas gifts. I really appreciate the fact you took time to think of me on this holiday.

I have had a LOT of you joining my members site. I hope you all are enjoying ALL my hot movies and my hot nasty photos!! Loved my most recent adventure with Pigsnout LOL I have promised NOT to reveal his identity or our sessions…just remember I can warp your mind and fullfill ALL your fantasies like NO ONE can!! Looking forward to speaking with you all soon.

WOW the year is flying away!! At least now it is going to get nice and cool 🙂 I have been super busy on the phones. LOTS of you have called and commented you LOVE READING ABOUT CUMFACE!!!!!!!!!! MANY OF YOU WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE HIM!! No problem!!! Cumface has been eating out asses, getting attacked by his dildo and butt plug, getting his face fucked, spending LOTS of time in the nasty faggot booths downtown!!! HAHAHA always soooo much fun!! Cumface got his pants stolen at one of those faggot booths….the guy finally gave them back and then demanded Cumface to go buy him a donut…. I heard *Get me a donut bitch* in the background and two men laughing hard!! Cumface said he was soooo embarressed and that he will never ever stray again!! Cumface will never catch a break from me and he knows he is the worlds biggest sissy faggot!!! Nope the rubber bands will never be removed!! hahaha I am glad your ass is so sore!!

Drunknstupid is also right up there with Cumface. Drunknstupid owns his own business so he does not have to work. He spends many hours every week calling my forced intox line and we have a BALL!!!! He sings, dances on cam and puts on a show for me every single time!! I never laughed so hard in my life!!!

Keep the entertaining calls coming boys…..they make my day!! Remember when you call me I am NOT a Vanilla girl, I am NOT here to talk about your ugly fucking cock and I could give a shit what the fuck YOU want!! I am a Domme, if you are fucking confused about what that means (many new stupid cunts think Niteflirt is a dating service) then get the fuck off my line and go call some 99 cent phone girl so you can talk about your ugly face and cock! I am here for Domination/Subs and service orientated men ONLY!!!!! I will be working all day tommorro Sept 12 and Monday Sept 13th!! catch ya later fuckers!!