I am Mistress Jackie.. Professional Domme offering distance training via the Niteflirt Platform.
I have 15 years real time experience and my feedback on my calls shows for itself. I am naturally aggressive and Dominant and do not use any fake scripts. I am not sitting in a call center waiting for your call. When you call me you are calling my private residence where I have trained so many slaves in so many different fetishes.
I enjoy all sorts of different calls and have various recordings available 24/7 if I am not available to take your call. I am not a dating service or looking to meet up with anyone.

Dont feel like shopping but want to treat me? Send me a Egift card right to my email!! Jackiecontrolsu@yahoo.com

I have a wishlist through Amazon that has what I want the most.. presents for me!
Jackie's Wishlist
Do not waste my time with long winded emails about how bad you want to meet me and what your instant messenger ID is.. simply put I DO NOT care.

If you want training, contact me through my extension on: 1-800-TO-FLIRT 0538580.
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I am here because I enjoy it and I love the control I can take over men. I have many clients who just like to call and chit chat or who are curious about the lifestyle.
I welcome those kind of calls as well as beginners who need to learn the ropes on how to please their Mistress.

To tease you a bit, I’ve posted free photos below…

wet kiss you want these tits don't you?! imagine you under this ass!
a day at the ocean Worship this ass! high beams are on!

If you want more of me including access to my HOT videos, why not purchase a membership?
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 I am available for phone sessions and instant messenger training. 

I take my calls via the Niteflirt platform.

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My knowledge is drawn from my real time experiences and I am very descriptive in my sessions.  Please tell me what kind of session you would like when you call.  No need to be embarrassed or feel out of place with me.  I will only need a few details before I have you caught in my web. 

Here are some things I enjoy but not limited to  Cock Control,
MILF calls,   Sexy neighbor Roleplays, Orgasm Denial, Corporal Punishment, Strapon training. Sex Toy instruction, Financial Domination,  CBT, Forced cocksucking, Gloryhole training, Cuckhold husband training, Sissification, Small dick humiliation, Verbal and Mental abuse, Body worship, Titty worship, Ass worship, Medical fantasies, kinky roleplays, Taboo fantasies, Forced panty sniffing, Wimpy boy panty training, Blackmail, wallet raping, footworship and making my sexy videos!

So what are you waiting for? Your search is over.

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I know I have been hard to catch on the phone. All I can say is keep trying. NF is still very buggy and disconnects calls. I have had a few clients get connected to other girls while trying to reach me. I appreciate all of you who realize it is NOT my fault if you do not get connected. I had a real douche bag bitch get his ass in the air because he got disconnected. Instead of sending me a NICE email he threatens me with bad feedback if I do not send him free minutes LMFAO WOW!! If you are so hard up that a fucking $1.99 is going to break you, then you need to find a new hobby asshole. You dont threaten me EVER. Just to prove to the douche bag I am fantastic, I sent the asshole five free minutes. He continues to drone on and actually tried to get rude with me…. ya that is really going to change things for you douche nozzle!! I have way better clients and much better things to do then listen to you whine and bitch and moan.

Cumface calls in small spurts. He has connection problems and now is complaining about his wallet. Guess what? I dont give a fuck about your credit problems. You need to cut back on things to have the available funds to serve me. It is not my problem you waste money on overpriced coffee and lunches. Start brown bagging it you idiot!! hahahaha

Redboy………THANK YOU for the four hour marathon call. It was by far the best session I have had in many moons. You are creative and fun and I appreciate someone who is smart and can put a conversation together 🙂 thank you for the tribute and the wonderful gift card, much appreciated!!