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I have not updated my journal part of my site in a long time. Basically I have been way to busy to even stop and do any updates. Today has been a fantastsic day for me because I got to talk to Cumface AND Funbuns!!

Lots of my readers have followed the tales of Cumface over the years and this is going to be no exception. He is still hanging out in adult book stores and sucking strangers off in his free time. I love hearing him getting his face fucked while I laugh at him struggling for another gulp of air. He does a lot of whining and crying and is a real bitch!! Today five guys stole his pants and made him go out in to the back alley of the store. They all took turns fucking his face while I laughed my ass off. After that he called me when he got to his meeting at the hilton hotel. He has a butt plug up his ass and is covered in cum and I WONT LET HIM CLEAN UP!! Nope he is not worthy of getting all spiffed up for a meeting!! He needs to get his priorities straight and remember that I RULE HIS WORLD!! all your money should be going to me Cumface!!! I am the one you work for!! HAHAHAHAHAHA TRICK OR TREAT DUMP SOME CUM IN MY MOUTH….. THATS WHAT I HAD HIM YELLING IN HIS FAGGOT COCK SUCKER BOOTH!! LOLOL

FUNBUNS~ Is on parole and out of jail but still being visited by his very lovely parole officer. Funbuns dresses up like a bitch and likes to ride his dildo and get attacked with it while I listen to him turn into a total bend over bitch! Love his outfits just as much as he loves his womans bathing suits and high heeled shoes!

Thank you to *R* for all the presents you bought me for Halloween!! You know how much I love getting goodies!! Feel like shopping for your beautiful Mistress? Head over to my wish list and pick me out a goody!! Dont feeel like shopping? Send me a instant gift card via email!! I love shopping and seeing how much you boys love me!! Sooo now is a great time to get on your cell phone/office phone/ipad/webcam and CALL ME FOR A FANTASTIC SESSION!!