myspace graphic comments

So another wordpress update and another crappy one at that!!! It is getting more and more time consuming to even use this damn thing!! I have lots of photos that I want to post but alas, this the wordpress new update SUCKS! so you are stuck with my simple graphic I can easily post from another site!!!

I got to talk to a LOT of new people this month. It was great to hear back from Cumface but right now he is in a world of shit. You know what you have to do to get back in my good graces you dumb fuck!!! I am still taking calls on Niteflirt and also private instant message sessions for those of you who need to work around your wives or girlfriends. I look forward to speaking and tormenting all of you this February!!! hahaha!! Thanks for the Valentine goodies that have already come my way!!! Keep on showing your admiration for your Goddess!!! I love it!!! Oh and for you fake mother fuckers who claim to be a sub…. guess what?? when you fuck up. TRIBUTES ARE THE ONLY WAY TO PAY FOR YOUR CRIME… saying stupid fucking shit like *Ill do anything* and pretending to play stupid WHEN YOU SHOULD KNOW TO BE PAYING UP makes you look like a fuckin idiot!! I have no interest in giving you extra training because you think you deserve it for punishment. Many of you are fucking clueless and basically I have one motto *Money talks, bullshit walks* get it?? GOOD!!